Drawn by Fire: RING THE BELL!

Boxer Uncle Sam battling death and the coronavirus
Paul Combs/Drawn by Fire

Americans can be a divided, contentious, and unruly mob… until you slap us in the face with a common challenge. We are kind of like a big crazy combative family that loves and loathes each other – but nobody from the outside had better mess with one of us or you’ll get the wrath of ALL of us!

The current COVID-19 reality and challenges have given us more than a few knocks, but like Americans always do, we get up and continue the fight – always fighting. There are so many front-line first response warriors depicted on my modern and fiery Uncle Sam, but there are so many more to be recognized: from grocery and hardware store clerks, repair stations, transit and utilities workers, mail and package delivery personnel… the list goes on and on and on. 

So here’s to you, America, and for everyone who is putting themselves at risk to keep this great nation grinding forward, and of course, fighting – always fighting!

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