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Chattanooga (TN) Firefighters Rescue Two Pinned by Fallen Tree

Tree smashed into home in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga (TN) firefighters rescued two people today who were pinned by a tree that had fallen into a home, according a release from the department.

Chattanooga Fire Department Public Information Officer Lindsey Rogers wrote that the rescue took place in the 200 block of Glendale Drive, at the foot of Signal Mountain. 

Squad 1, Squad 20, Quint 17, Engine 12, Technical Rescue Teams, and the department’s Special Operations Division responded to the scene from the tornado-affected area. 

A tree fell through the roof of the house and into a bedroom, pinning a woman and her young daughter to the bed. 

Firefighters split duties between stabilizing the tree and stabilizing the floor underneath it. They shored the floor from the basement so they could lift the tree up enough to slide the patients out.

The pair were left with minor injuries and they were transported to the hospital by Hamilton County EMS. 

“The crews worked together and did a wonderful job, even before additional equipment arrived,” said Captain David Tallent with CFD Special Operations. 

The Chattanooga area was in the path of severe weather that spanned the Southern U.S., killing more than 30 people across the region. The destruction in the city was widespread, according to release from Rogers. There were approximately 17 injuries, the majority of which were trauma-related, and 150 structures were damaged, both residential and commercial. 


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