Fire Commentary Roundup: Firefighter LODDs, Tactical Expectations, and Relationships

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Are All LODDs Created Equal?

Why do some LODD funerals get thousands of firefighters from all corners of the country in attendance, while others get only a small handful? A meditation from Adam Hansen.


Colloquial Conversations

The fire service needs to embrace some basic tenets when having focused conversations surrounding operational expectations, says Scott Corrigan.



Mark Cotter speculates on applying modern fire dynamics principles to non-residential structures.


Three (Good) Reasons to Change in 2020

Change should not be feared or resisted, but it should be done for the right reasons, writes John Lightly.


Alexis Shady offers a “Fireman’s Guide to Main Street.”


The Importance of Relationships

But positive fire service relationships cannot be built overnight and not all are built the same way, writes Nicholas Christensen.


Don’t wait for a line-of-duty death to occur to institute change that may prevent it from occurring in the first place, says Nick Salameh.



Fire Commentary Roundup: Broken Systems, Promotions, and Avoiding Change