Drawn by Fire: Prepared for Battle?

Paul Combs/Drawn by Fire

Were it not for concerns over the coronavirus 多多在线观看免费视频pandemic, this week would’ve seen thousands of firefighters from around the nation and world descend on Indianapolis for that annual celebration of training and fraternity that is . Although FDIC International 2020 has been postponed, Paul Combs is sharing some conference-inspired cartoons from the archives this week.

FDIC International brings together the best instructors, best hands-on training, best classroom seminars, and the absolute best experience in the fire service! If you’re serious about your training and have a passion for knowledge, it remains the place to be.

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Drawn by Fire: Share It

Drawn by Fire: RING THE BELL!

Drawn by Fire: Never Too Cautious

Drawn by Fire: No Luck Needed