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The 2020 Water on the Fire Supplement

Download the , which has pieces by Jerry Knapp on volunteer firefighters and fire attack, Jason Hoevelmann on second-due companies, and more.


The 2020 Industrial Firefighting Supplement

The has articles on combustible dust, industrial emergency preparation for the municipal firefighter, and more.


The 2020 PPE Supplement

多多在线观看免费视频Download the , which includes features on expanded cleaning practices for gear, chemical exposures, and more.


2019 Supplements

The 2019 Extrication Supplement

多多在线观看免费视频Grab the . Features include Les Baker on clearing vegetation at the crash scene, Mike Huffman on unusual extrication scenarios, Marc Seal on extrication tools, and Les Ruble on rescue checklists.


Firefighter Wellness

Download , which features Keith Tyson, John Gulotta, and Jeff Burgess on firefighter cancer; Deli Ali on the impact of sleep deprivation; John Hofman on being fit for duty; and Jamie Webb on the cardiac epidemic in the fire service.


Wildland Firefighting

Download .


High-Rise Operations

Grab , with Sean DeCrane on tall mass timber buildings, Jeremy Rifflard on size-up, and more!


Stop the Bleed

Download the joint Fire Engineering/JEMS多多在线观看免费视频 , which highlights programs across the country that are extending Stop the Bleed training to civilians. .

Fire Apparatus 2019

多多在线观看免费视频Check out our , which has Bill Peters on specifying fire trucks, our FDIC International 2019 rig roundup, and more.


The FireEMS Supplement

Download the , with features on the future of fire-based EMS, managing crush injuries and crush syndrome, and more.


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