Fire EMS

During my career, I have had a ringside seat to closely watching the birth of two brand new fire service characters: the paramedic and the incident commander (IC).
Firefighter Training

Given that I am unemployed and actively avoiding work, I now spend most of my time aimlessly wandering about seeking just about anything that makes sense to me. 
Fire Prevention & Protection

Last column, I reminisced about attending FDIC for the first time early in my career as a firefighter. I described the conference classes and the special experience of visiting the Memphis (TN) Fire Department (MFD). 

I recently attended a one-day conference with about 150 firefighters present. There were four instructors, and the planners were nice enough to give me a small speaking part in the program.

In a recent discussion with a group of fire service bosses, we exchanged the mutual frustrations we had all experienced in attempting to deal with how the nature of our business creates a fertile environment for the energetic exchange of informal/unofficial communication among the members. 

We have trudged through our monthly discussion about how the capability and personality of a boss can influence the internal environment of an organization.