Building the Ladder: Officer Development Programs

The answer to successful officer training, both initial and ongoing, lies beyond National Fire Protection Association 1021 certification. Successful programs, although based on professional standards and references, are also tailored to the specific needs of the department. This webcast links certification training with realistic job requirement training. Rather than teaching one version of officer development, this class presents a step-by-step process for completing a needs assessment and then building the framework for officer training for entry-level and experienced fire officers. Participants receive guidance, practical examples, and multiple opportunities for in-class application. The webcast, sponsored by Columbia Southern University, is designed for volunteer and career fire departments, regardless of size.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Define the need for officer development programs
  • Identify the content and requirements for successful programs
  • Determine benchmarks used to track improvement and competency
  • Develop materials for initial and ongoing training
  • Create strategies for implementation of entry level and continuing education programs for officers

Presented by:

Rudy Horist

Deputy Chief, McHenry Township (IL) Fire Protection District