Firefighter Cancer Prevention and Reduction

This interactive presentation looks at firefighter cancer and some of the latest standard operating procedures (SOPs) and methods that have been adopted to reduce the risk to firefighters. 

  • The wearing of self-contained breathing apparatus during overhaul: Which crews should wear it? Sample SOP. 
  • Clean gear and gross on-scene decontamination of gear: What does this mean in the new fire service for crews and for administration? How about the “shower within the hour” concept? 
  • Clean cabs: What does this really mean to the fire service? Is there a right and a wrong method? Does it reduce response rates? What about injury reduction? 
  • Clean station design: What is that? Why is it quickly catching on? 
  • Future: Personnel taking showers and swapping out uniforms and gear on scene in custom-built fire decontamination/rehab vehicles. What might they look like?

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Presented by:

Keith Tyson

Vice President Education and Research, Firefighter Cancer Support Network